20 de abril de 2010

The art of being stupid

Once upon an unfortunate time, there was a hairy thing called man. Along with him was a hairier thing called animal. Man had a larger brain which made him think he was superior to animals.
 Some men thought they were superior to men. They became leader men. Leader men said ' We have no need to work, we will kill animals to eat.' So, they did.
  Men increase animals decreased. Eventually leader men said ' There are not enought animals left to eat. We must grow our own food.' So man grew food.
 Now the only animals men had not destroyed were tiny ones, like rabbits and mice, and these little animals were caught eating some of man's crops. 'These animals are menace. They must die.'
  In China, they killed all the sparrows. In Australia, they killed all the rabbits. Everywhere man killed all wild life. Soon there was none, and all the birds were poisoned. Leader man said ' At last! We are free of pests.'
 Man's number increased. The world became crowded with men. They all had to sleep standing up. One day leader man saw a new creature eating his crops. This creature's name was starving people.
 ' This creature is a menace ! ' said leader man ...

Fonte : UFG 2002

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