23 de novembro de 2010

Between smiles.

He was sit on the front yard and kinda crying. She was just passing by, but when she saw him, she thought " he needs help, and i could help him. "
- Hey - she says
- Hey
- Whats up ?
- Nothing really, i'm just need some time.
- Time and space ? - she asks looking for the space on the seat by his side.
He smiled .
- Nope , just some time.
She smiled at him, and sat.
- Who are you ? - she asks
- I'm Paul.
- Hey Paul. Ah, won't you ask who am I ?
- I already know ! - He said, wiping his tears and smiling.
- So, who am I ?
- You're the one who makes me smile!

4 comentários:

  1. hum...finge que eu entendi o que vc escreveu...hehehe ;)
    Mas achei seu blog lindo ;)

  2. Poxa vc escreve bem
    Vou te seguir ta?

  3. "You're the one who makes me smile".
    ´[aaa] Eu amei, lindo *-*
    Eu tenho esse alguém, que me faz sorrir ...

  4. JhonSiller : Obrigada *-*
    Eliana : Obrigada, é sempre bom ter alguém que nos faz sorrir *-*